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Information /FAQ's
Our Weekly Service Starting at $85/month includes:

Test & Adjust Water Chemistry (Chlorine/pH are checked weekly. Total Alkalinity, Cyanuric Acid & Calcium Hardness are Checked Monthly)

Chemicals are Included in our Price (Chlorine and Muriatic Acid only, algaecides and specialty chemicals extra)

Empty Traps & Skimmers

Net Pool

Brush Tile, Walls & Steps As Needed

Vacuum Pool/Spa As Needed

Lube Pump Lid O-ring As Needed

Visually & Audibly Check Equipment

Backwash Filter Monthly (Sand & D.E. Only)

Additional Services (which are only performed as needed with prior consent):

Green Pool Turnaround -  Typically most pools cost about $150 to $300 for a chemical turn around.  However, depending on the severity the pool it may need to be drained, acid or pressure washed and refilled. 

Pump and Filter Replacement - Motors typically last several years however due to extreme conditions such as heat, rain, and dust they may occasionally need repair or replacement.  Filters are subject to routine maintenance such as replacing the sand or D.E. or if a cartridge, disassembly and cleaning.  A quick inspection can determine all necessary needs. 

"Chemical only" Service - Quick service that provides a less expensive option if you aren't a chemistry major!

Consultation and Education is also available on appointment.

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